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ISTOC: How Did It Become an Indispensable Center of Trade?


The Role and Importance of ISTOÇ in Trade

As the most comprehensive and largest trade center in Istanbul, even in Turkey, ISTOÇ serves as a meeting point for companies from various sectors. Ranging from clothing to electronics, and glassware to cosmetics, ISTOÇ, which we are proud to be a member of, is a go-to place for traders from Istanbul, Anatolia, and abroad. Let’s delve into the brief history of ISTOÇ and learn the most effective ways to utilize this “City of Trade”.

The Brief History of ISTOÇ

Founded in 1979 by 52 founding members as a solution to the challenging trading conditions in the Istanbul Inner City Area, ISTOÇ today stands at the heart of trade in its vast area in Mahmutbey. Although it experienced a stagnant development until the late 2000s, ISTOÇ has become the first place that comes to mind when it comes to trade in Istanbul since the early 2010s.


Today, ISTOÇ is a bustling trade center, hosting thousands of companies from over 35 sectors, visited daily by thousands of vehicles and tens of thousands of visitors. Thanks to its planned structure, it offers a peaceful and orderly trading environment.

Who Can Benefit the Most from ISTOÇ?

ISTOÇ can be beneficial for everyone. Among those who can gain maximum benefit from ISTOÇ are shopping mall owners, traders and merchants from Istanbul and Anatolia, large store chains, e-commerce entrepreneurs, individuals planning to open specific types of shops, such as equipment shopping for cafes/restaurants, international traders, and fair organizers.

The Advantages of ISTOÇ

ISTOÇ offers numerous advantages for every sector involved in trade, including affordable trading, a wide variety, easy access, a well-planned structure, and innovative and helpful merchants.

How to Reach ISTOÇ?

You can reach ISTOÇ via IETT bus lines, the M3 Kirazlı-Kayaşehir Metro line, or by car. For those who wish to visit the Freya Melamine Showroom, map information is available.