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Home & Kitchenware Events 2023

Home & Kitchenware Events 2023

As of September, we have entered the final quarter of 2023. While this year has been productive in terms of completed projects, we would like to share the news of the important events we have participated in. These events not only provide opportunities to forge new...
Is Urea-formaldhyde eco-friendly?

Is Urea-formaldhyde eco-friendly?

The ecosystem and all actions we take to protect it are connected. Taking account of previous or further steps of the subject’s relations is the key to take optimal decisions. Starting with industrialization and boosted with increasing population – for...
What is Melamine or Urea-formaldhyde Melamine?

ISTOC: How Did It Become an Indispensable Center of Trade?

The Role and Importance of ISTOÇ in Trade As the most comprehensive and largest trade center in Istanbul, even in Turkey, ISTOÇ serves as a meeting point for companies from various sectors. Ranging from clothing to electronics, and glassware to cosmetics, ISTOÇ, which...