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Explore Top-Quality Melamine HORECA Products at ISTOC!

Thermo Group’s Melamine HORECA products are the preferred choice for businesses seeking to revolutionize their service equipment. Known for cost-effectiveness, durability, health-conscious materials, and beautiful design, our “indestructible thermo group” Melamine HORECA collection awaits you at our ISTOÇ Showroom.

Advantages of Melamine HORECA Service Equipments

Crafted with organic components, our melamine outperforms traditional materials like plastic in health benefits and surpasses ceramics, porcelain, or glass in durability. Ideal for industrial service settings, our Melamine HORECA range is a smart investment for your business needs.


Benefit from our complete control over the production process, from innovative design to reliable after-sales support.


We provide economically efficient options without compromising on quality, respecting your budget constraints.

Product Range

With the over 340 product range, explore various solutions for desired service equipments.

Global Reach

With exports to over 40 countries, our brand is recognized and trusted in the global market.


Our products are designed to endure high impacts and temperatures, ensuring longevity in demanding environments.


Enhance your space with our visually appealing and functional product designs, available in various forms and patterns.


Leveraging our broad experience in both boutique and large-scale projects, we deliver excellence in every product.

Quality Standarts

Our products meet national and international quality standards, ensuring you receive only the best.

For our latest additions and comprehensive product range, please explore the following contact options.